The Shrink Course for Writers and Directors

What is it and who is it for?
The following outline is based on discussion with interested parties but can be modified to suit a particular group or project. It is directed for psychologically oriented people but not at the mental health professional level. It provides a crash course in psychoanalytic theory (a Freudian view of how the mind works) as well as a quick survey through the criteria for various psychiatric disorders as well as a review of psychosomatic disorders (the interaction between mind and body and how physical illness relates to psychological states.) It is not about writing or acting or making of movies or TV program but we can include questions or discussion of application to these areas. Each participant will receive three small text books with an orientation of how to use them.

Where will it be held, how long and how many meetings?
Each class will be one hour.

Classes can be held in the shrink’s office or in your office or writing rooms or by using state of the art  video conferencing which can be provided to your computer and video screen . Multiple sites by this latter method are feasible
Style will be part lecture, part group discussion and interaction with the shrink.

What will the cost be?
Fee for 8 session course will be $875/person (minimum of 4 participants( or fee is adjusted) and maximum of 8). Fee will be $2500/person if it will be necessary to travel to your location in the Los Angeles area. Each participant will receive 3 textbooks which will provide background reading and references material . The books are :

Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis by Charles Brenner, M.D.
Diagnostic Criteria from DSM V- American Psychiatric Association
Psychosomatic Medicine by Michael Blumenfield, M.D. & Maria Tiamson, M.D.

Tentative Outline of the classes are as follows:

1 – Basic Principles of Psychoanalytic Theory
Concept of Psychic Determinism and Existence of the Unconscious-
2 – How Childhood Experiences and Family Relationships Impact Adult Hangups and Relationships Drive Theory& Regression, Psychic Apparatus including Oedipal Complex
3 – How our Waking Behavior and our Dreams Reflect our Hidden Conflicts
4 – More on Symptom Formation and also Nature of Attachments
5 – Modern View of Diagnostic Criteria – DSM V
Part I- Major Disorders- Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia
6 – Modern View of Diagnostic Criteria – DSM V
Part II – Personality Disorders, Substance Abuse, Grieving, PTSD
7 – Psychosomatic Medicine- Mind Body Relationships
8 – Either catch up time if we fall behind on above schedule or general discussion

More advanced courses can be designed on a particular subject, diagnosis or psychiatric issue. Special project consultations can be arranged. It is also possible via video conferencing to bring in other outstanding experts in areas of child psychiatry, forensic issues, as well as medical consultants in various medical specialties. See : How can I get therapy for my project ?

For any questions or to arrange a course please call or email:
Michael Blumenfield M.D.
Tel: 818 564-4207