How can I get therapy for my project?

If you have a project about which a discussion with a psychiatrist may be helpful, the shrink will be glad to meet with you or your writers, directors or actors in person or via video-conferencing. Some of the situations, which this consultation may be helpful, are as follows:

Discuss various psychiatric issues such as Depression, Bipolar disorders, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality, Post Traumatic Stress, Substance Abuse or any other mental health diagnostic entity.

Discuss actions and behavior of people with mental health issues

Review behavior of a psychiatrist or other mental health therapist including office set up or hospital setting

Discuss internal psychodynamic behavior and consistency for various character development

Review of scripts and provide comments and notes

Clinical consultation and/or psychotherapy  is available to individuals

Assessment of participants and potential participants in reality TV shows including MMPI testing can be arranged. Ongoing consultation can be provided for particular situations A licensed social worker who has experience in TV production with talent management of reality TV participants will work with the shrink in this phase when needed .

While the shrink is quite comfortable in discussing most psychiatric and mental health issues, we also have access to some outstanding experts in specialized areas whom can be brought in via video conferencing. This includes experts in child psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, ethics, substance abuse and other areas. While the shrink specializes in psychiatric and mental health issues he can answer general medical questions and does have a close relationship with outstanding experts in the area of Pediatrics, Cardiology, Nephrology and Plastic Surgery as well as other specialties who can be brought in via video conferencing.

All work is done in a completely confidential manner

Fee schedule for our services is set in advance either as an hourly fee or fee per project

There is no fee for answering any questions about our services or an initial telephone or video confidential discussion about the project.

For any questions or to arrange a consultation please call or email:
Michael Blumenfield M.D.
Tel: 818 564-4207